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Welcome to Memento Mori Money!

I’m a 20-Something guy from a small town in the South. I currently live in the Mid-West, but I’ll always be a small town southern boy at heart.

There are tons of personal finance blogs on the internet, and there are far more knowledgeable folks out there who are running incredible blogs. I’m an avid follower of quite a few of these blogs, and what I found was that the financial advice wasn’t all that surprising.

Spend Less. Save More. Get out of Debt. Create Passive Income. Don’t buy stupid stuff.

While much of the advice is the same, the stories that go along with the advice were incredible motivators to put the advice into action.

I want to share my story as a personal creative outlet, but also as a way to encourage you to think critically about how you spend your money and your life.

Hopefully it will be enjoyable and helpful for you to follow along with me!